Hello Makers… and factories, fablabs, artisans and any other professional who give life to products and make them personalized. o/

We know you have the production know-how. But we know you struggle to show and offer your product line on a great interface.

So we’re developing Joox platform to solve these problems. It’s gonna be a piece of cake to register your products, with all specs, details and price variation.

And using our simple and beautiful interface, you’ll have all your registered products list. You can publish and make them available in our platform and Marketplace so any Seller, company or Buyer will be able to contact you and order your products.

Makers - produtos

Pretty cool, huh?! :)

We know you have other struggles as a Maker, and we’ll show you how Joox’s gonna help you solve them in the easiest way.

Soon you’ll receive more tips about how Joox.io will work for you!