The end of the year is near and it’s very common for companies to give a special gift to their customers, employees or partners.

Choosing business gifts that can be personalized is an excellent marketing strategy, it helps your customers to remember and keep you at the top of their minds, with love. Besides, simple as it is, the audience feels a little more loved when they’re remembered at this time of the year.

But don’t just choose whatever comes on Google’s first results! You must have some details in mind, like what’s the message you want to send with this gift, your company brand and how many products you should have made. Budgeting and researching the best prices ​​also enter this list!

If you still have no idea what to give your clients, here we have a few awesome out-of-the-box gift options -for you- to make an impression!


You can personalize them with your layout, insert your company logo or even use the creative artworks of registered -and talented- designers on Joox platform to get everything branded and in the most original way.

Then just choose the ideal gift according to your creativity, your company brand and your budget, of course.

Did you like this idea? On our Pinterest you can see a full board with many other personalized gifts options. 

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