Anxious to get more details on how Joox is gonna help you make some money and spread your work worldwide?

Today we’ll show you another option to use your art to inspire people buying products. You already know you can make your artworks available for anyone to use, so they can print them on any product they wish.

But besides that, you’ll also get to choose the products you like the most and personalize the way you want. In this case, you’re the boss, who decides if the Buyer can personalize a product part (or not) is you. 

And by leaving some editable part, you choose whether they can add his own pictures, change textures or just change the colors.

Designer - criar produto

Love the idea?! =)

It’s a cool way to show your work already applied on unique products and let them ready to be sold, signed with your art!

Soon you’ll know about another special feature that Joox is developing just for you.

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