The combination of the English terms market and place gave the known marketplace, virtual space where different products or services are offered to customers.

This business model became popular worldwide through US Amazon, which is still the main reference on the subject.

In Brazil it started out in 2012 with the great names of e-commerce and has gained increasing strength in the market in recent years.

Often this term is mistaken with e-commerce, but there’s a big difference between these two types of business model.

A marketplace differs from a virtual store like this: an e-commerce has only one owner; but a marketplace brings together several stores from different owners and may even sell the same products with different prices.

An example: at a trade show several traders assemble their stalls in a single structure and offer the most varied types of products – fruits, vegetables, meats, candies, etc. In this unique place consumers find and buy various types of products, from different people and brands.

Currently, there are already several companies that are inserted in this market: Ebay, Alibaba, Walmart, Etsy, Extra, Submarino, Shoptime, Americanas, Livraria Saraiva, Mercado Livre, Tanlup, Elo7, among others.

Benefits of being in a marketplace

Selling ​​your products in a marketplace has some advantages. Since it already has a range of customers and due to the high traffic of visitors entering the website, their products get more visibility, meaning more customers coming to you;

Selling ​​your products in a marketplace also means it can be found more easily by the buyer, because with this large volume of accesses the ads costs tend to be lower, that way you don’t have to attract many people and take them to what you sell ;

Marketplaces already have a well-defined structure and you don’t have to worry about secure payment solutions and integration with mail and carriers, for example.

Besides, selling in a marketplace is a good opportunity to work on a specific market niche.

Joox Marketplace comes to help personalization market to get more prominence, being an exclusive showcase of personalized products where you can find the most diverse objects and have them the way you’ve always dreamed of.

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