Hey, Maker!

Last post we gave you a preview on how easy it’s gonna be to show your product line to Sellers and Buyers!

Now we’ll give you more details about the options you’ll have. Register your products on Joox and make them available on our platform and Marketplace.

With Joox you’ll be able to add products mock-ups in 2D or 3D, choosing:

  • which parts the Buyer can personalize;
  • personalization level (if the Buyer can insert a text, image, choose the color or even the texture or material)
  • if the personalization of a part affects the final cost of production;
  • the minimum product quantity;
  • all categories and tags, to help search people that are looking at products like yours;
  • production time;
  • and all other details that your product has.

Maker - cadastro de produto

Like it?! :)

Soon you’ll know more about how Joox features are gonna work to make your production and sales better.

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