You already know that using Joox you’ll give your customers a new buying experience. We’re developing a flexible plugin that you can easily add to any e-commerce platform.

With a clean, adaptable and responsive interface, you can give your customers this new option: personalizing products right on your website.

Another cool thing is that you’ll be able to find Designers who want to offer beautiful artworks. Your customers will have more image options to print on the products you sell on your store.

Cool, don’t you think?!

So offer your clients a chance to personalize products just the way they want, having a fun and entertaining experience. This way, you’ll give them more options and increase your sales!

SELLER - Connected Designer - designs

Besides that, you’ll get to connect with Designers who you most identify with and ask them to create exclusive collections for your store. With this, you can offer your customers products with unique prints or exclusively made for an occasion!

Seller 03 - tela 2

We’ve developing all this features thinking of improving your business. We hope you enjoy it. ♥

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