In the previous post we showed you how you can give a better buying experience to your customers.

Today we’ll show you how Joox’s gonna help you bring new products to your customers and boost your sales!

On our platform you’ll find Makers that can make the personalized products you will offer on your website.

Let’s say you sell decorative objects online, and you’d like to offer pillows that your customers can personalize their own way. The biggest problem in this situation would be finding some Maker that can produce these exclusives and personalized pillows, right?

So, we’re bringing this solution to the sales market!

On Joox platform, you’ll have a list of registered Makers and search one that can produce these personalized pillows.

SELLER - Browse Products

Once you find the ideal product, you’ll be able to request the Maker permission to offer it on your website.

If the Maker accepts the partnership and allows, you’ll be able to add the product to your store. Then, your customers will be able to customize the product using our personalization tool on your website.

So you can increase the product line of your e-commerce and attract more and more customers. Isn’t it cool?

Soon you’ll see more about another feature that we’re developing specially for you.

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