Hey, Seller! You have an online store, right?

We know it’s hard to keep your e-commerce with new products all the time, specially to please those more demanding customers.

What if you could do that, offering your customers unique products that they can create in a simple and easy way? Let them have fun and personalize products like they’ve always wanted to!

You’ll be able to do it by using Joox. :)

It’ll be easy to add our plugin to your e-commerce. It’ll let your customers personalize products, and get the preview of what it’s gonna look like in 2D or 3D.  They’re gonna love to buy unique products, straight from your site.

BUYER - Custom_tool P

Using Joox they’ll be able to enter a text, insert an image, choose the colors or even the material of the product that they’re personalizing.

Great solution, right? That’s how you’ll deliver a new buying experience for your most demanding customers.

In the next few days, we’ll show you another cool thing that you’ll be able to do using Joox.

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