Here’s a special tip for those who love minimalist quotes, like we do: we’ve set up a board on Pinterest with a lot of those little inspirational phrases in black and white. Here’s a sneak peek:



The artist Ann Carrington makes sculptures recontextualizing ordinary items from our everyday lives, such as household items. In her project Bouquets & Butterflies, Carrington brings together hundreds of spoons, knives and forks both shining and stained to create super elegant bouquets. When using multiple spoons together, she’s able to recreate the shapes of roses and tulips, some of them seem so realistic that it looks like the flowers were dipped in silver paint.




Still Optimistic is a photographic project that was born from a meeting between the artist Gabrielle Laila Tittley and photo studio LM Chabot. Together they’ve managed to put in pictures the fun and colorful world of designers. Bold and creative visual creations.




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